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Nevada Alcohol Serving CardNotice: The state of Nevada requires that the final exam is proctored. Currently, we do not have any proctors in your state.

In Nevada, Clark county (Las Vegas) and Washoe county (Reno) require that anyone who sells or serves alcohol must take an Alcohol Awareness Training course. The Alcohol Awareness Training course will certify you to sell and serve alcohol anywhere in Nevada; however, the other counties do not require a person to take an Alcohol Awareness Training course. This short course can be quickly and easily taken online. Once you have completed the course, the state requires you to take a brief proctored exam.

Can I Get my Nevada Alcohol Serving Card Online?
Yes, you can take the course completely online from PSCC. Once you complete the NV Responsible Serving® Course, you are required to take a short proctored exam.

What is a Proctored Exam?
To receive your Nevada Alcohol Serving Card, a person is required to take the final exam with a proctor. A proctor is a person who will verify your identity and will give you access to the final exam. You will receive your Nevada Alcohol Serving Card once you have successfully completed the final exam.

Get your Nevada Awareness Training online from PSCC.Nevada Alcohol Serving Card Approved
The PSCC certification for awareness training is valid across the state. The PSCC Nevada Responsible Serving® course has been reviewed and approved by the Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education for Alcohol Awareness Training.

It Only Takes Three Steps to Get your Nevada Alcohol Serving Card Through PSCC.
  1. Sign up for your NV Responsible Serving® course.Enroll Nevada Alcohol Awareness Training
  2. Take the course online at your convenience.  
  3. Take the proctored exam. Proctor information is included in the course.

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